Current Lab Members:

  • Matthew Gilbert (Principal Instigator; CV link)
  • Guillaume Théroux-Rancourt (Esau Post-Doctoral Fellow)
  • Heather Vice (Masters Student)

    Heather wiring up her new DRM sap flow sensors (a collaboration with Tom Buckley)
  • Isabel Hernandez (PhD Student)

    Isabel installing her ‘pot-in-pot-in-soil’ blueberry grafting experiment

Past Members:

  • Viviana Medina (PhD, 2016)

    Nico officially getting his PhD
  • Nicolas Bambach (PhD 2016; co-advised with K.T. Paw U)
  • Lifeng Han (Masters, 2013; co-advised with Heiner Lieth)
    Vivi measuring her 800 or so kids


Undergraduate interns:

These folk deserve a particularly honorable mention.

Matthew: “Can you help me …dig a hole…wield and auger…come back at predawn…make 256 of these…lug a LICOR…carry the BeanOCart…avoid that spider/wasp…keep up with Vivi [at +100F, in the sun]?

They uniformly answered: “Sure thing…my spider bite is recovering nicely“, or “Yes, I want to do a PhD so that I can do more of this.

  • Sam Koehler (2016-2017)
  • Traci Bond (2016-2017)
  • Fangyi Wang (2016-2017)
  • Rafael Carlesso Aita (2015)
  • Jessica Orozco (2014; now a PhD student UC Davis)
  • Maggie Hsung (2014-2015; now a PhD student U Tokyo)
  • Jessica Okutsu (2013)

Past and Present Collaborators:

  • Gerardo Spinelli
  • Jorge Berny – UC Davis (CA)
  • Paul Gepts – UC Davis (CA)
  • Missy Holbrook – Harvard University (MA)
  • Maciej Zwieniecki – UC Davis (CA)
  • Chris Muir (U British-Colombia)
  • Lawren Sack – UCLA (CA)
  • Brad Ripley – Rhodes University (South Africa)
  • Colin Osborne – Sheffield University (UK)
  • Tom Buckley – University of Sydney (Australia)
  • Tom Sinclair – NCSU (NC)