The lab has an interest in these ecophysiological topics, and may be interested in collaborations relating to these:

  • C3 and C4 grass physiology: wheat and corn, respectively, are examples of C3 and C4 grasses. But are the differences between these two species due to the one being wheatie and other corny, or due to them having C3 and C4 photosynthetic physiology? Matthew has done work on closely related grasses with these two physiologies to determine their photosynthetic responses to drought.
  • Tropical forest ecophysiology: Matthew has worked on drought tolerance of tropical forest seedlings in Panama – Here Carl and Matthew are measuring photosynthetic rates of seedlings in the rainforest (lower left photo).
  • Coastal dune plants: were the basis of Matthew’s PhD thesis: “The zonation of coastal dune plants in relation to sand burial, resource availability and physiological adaptation.” Who says research can’t be fun?  We are stuck with our two wheel drive truck and the tide is coming in (lower right photo).

Carl measuring photosynthetic rates of seedlings      stuck on the beach